Get Free Destiny 2: Legacy Collection from Epic Games

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Get Free Destiny 2 Legacy Collection from Epic Games

If you’ve been considering playing Destiny 2 on PC but were put off by the number of paid DLCs, now is the best time to try out what this MMO shooter is all about with free Destiny 2 Legacy Collection!

Today, Epic Games introduced the first project of their major Holiday giveaway, and it turned out to be Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, which can be obtained until December 20 at 11 A.M. (EST) or 5 P.M. (CET). In case you didn’t know, this collection includes three major expansions: The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep, featuring three full-fledged story campaigns, a lot of Exotic weapons and armor, and even an ice subclass called Stasis.

Destiny 2 Legacy Collection Epic Games

This set is a great opportunity to start playing Destiny 2, although we recommend reading our guide for beginners to immerse yourself more comfortably in the game. Moreover, there is currently an in-game event called The Dawning, where you can farm up a lot of resources and guns!

Lately, Destiny 2 has been going through a challenging period, losing a huge player base, carrying layoffs in the development studio, and having the next major expansion delayed until summer. Such a giveaway could help the game find a new audience, but given the problems with new players immersing themselves in the game, the online boost may only last for a while. It’s possible that if Bungie were to offer the giveaway on consoles, it could attract an even larger audience, but the likelihood of this happening is low.

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