Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris: World First Flawless Cheating Controversy

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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris: World First Flawless Cheating Controversy

Trials of Osiris weekly World First Flawless is a sought-after achievement among the Destiny 2 hardcore PvP community. Unfortunately, this week’s results have been marred by the suspicion of cheating. Thus, it raises intense controversy and dissatisfaction regarding how Bungie manages their game. 

The first player to point out the oddities in this week’s results was YouTuber Luckyy10P

Upon reviewing the analysis of the Destiny Trials Report, it becomes apparent where the suspicions are coming from. The top two spots for the weekly Flawless were secured by huntsman and vocal. What casts doubt on their positions, however, are their unusual statistics.

Top 1: Huntsman

Several intriguing aspects contribute to the suspicion surrounding huntsman’s performance. Firstly, their playtime on the current account is relatively low, totaling only 52 hours. The player didn’t even participate in previous seasons. Their stats in season 20 and all the ones before that are all recorded as 0.00. Yet, in Season of the Deep, they boast an astonishing 90% win rate in Trials of Osiris. Such a sudden surge in playtime, skill, and success has undoubtedly raised many’s brows.

Furthermore, huntsman takes measures to conceal their statistical information. By hiding their stats, it becomes challenging to discern their true capabilities and performance history. This lack of transparency leads to speculation and uncertainty among other players.

There is a possibility exists that Huntsman might not be a cheater but rather a smurf. And thus, explaining their exceptional performance despite limited playtime and odd statistics. Yet, without solid evidence, the true nature of Huntsman’s accomplishments remains uncertain.

Top 2: Vocal

The situation concerning vocal is much more evident compared to huntsman. Based on the statistics, vocal consistently maintains a perfect 100% hit rate. In one specific match, vocal took out four opponents using their shotgun. It would be just another day in Trials of Osiris if that was everything. But what makes this interesting is the game’s tracking system did not register a single hit

And thus, the question burns down to how, exactly, did they manage to eliminate those Guardians?

Just like huntsman, what’s left of vocal’s previous seasons are nothing but lines and lines of 0.00.

Bungie’s Response

Without a doubt, the Destiny 2 players are livid. Yet, Bungie remains silent, leaving the community with the perception that the studio no longer cares about what is going on. Destiny 2 is dying. And yet, its creators are not even batting an eyelid. 

The state of Destiny 2 PvP in 2023 has plummeted to a distressing level. Frustration and bitterness permeate the Internet. It’s disheartening for devoted fans to witness the game’s current state. Some still hope that Bungie will redirect their attention to the game once again. But others, they just want The Final Shape to arrive and be done with it all.

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