Destiny 2: Supposed Leaker Ekuegan Continues to Insist on Innocence

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Following the event after Bungie said enough is enough with all the Destiny 2 Lightfall leaks flooding the Internet, the studio identified the culprit as Ekuegan. However, the streamer is less than pleased and has been insisting on his innocence ever since.

To read the full story and all its updates, please refer to this article. But if you’re short on time, here’s the gist: Bungie has accused the popular streamer Ekuegan of being the one behind the latest’s expansion massive leak. Citing the striking similarities between the icons on Ekuegan’s taskbar and in the shouldn’t-be-seen pictures as evidence, they banned and cut him off from both the game and the company.

Destiny 2: Supposed Leaker Ekuegan Continues to Insist on Innocence

Despite his protestations, Bungie has remained firm in its decision. They closed the case and decided not to press legal action.

But for Ekuegan, the ordeal is far from over. In the most recent update, he took to his official Twitter account to declare that the company have made a huge mistake. And he’s actively on his way to clear his name.

He also answered the community’s inquiry about the true reason why he quit the game just hours before Bungie announced that he was the leaker.

Although some fans remain supportive of Ekuegan, there are those who are skeptical of his claims. At present, it’s impossible to draw any definitive conclusions. Especially when there isn’t any evidence to refute the presence of the icons in the leaked pictures. Only time will tell, and we will have to wait and observe how the situation unfolds.

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