Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Iron Banner Incoming Next Week

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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: Iron Banner Coming Next Week

Guardians, the moment has come to gear up and set out! Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Iron Banner is returning next week, and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Despite some hiccups last Iron Banner, this time, said activity promises to be a thrilling PvP event. Intense competition, exclusive rewards, and the chance to showcase your skills on the battlefield await.

Eruption Map Takes Center Stage

According to Bungie’s latest TWID, The upcoming event will showcase the Eruption map. In case you are wondering what TWID is, check out this article.

With that said, get your weapons ready, tighten your armor, and embrace the challenge that lies ahead. It’s time to battle it out against fellow Guardians in this thrilling and dynamic environment. Sharpen your strategies. Master the intricacies of the map. Gain yourself a competitive edge against others. And reap those juicy IB rewards!

The New Brazen Wolf Emblem

The new emblem will definitely leave you drooling. Featuring striking wolf eyes that stare straight into the depth of your soul, this emblem is a must-have for any dedicated Guardian out there. It’s no surprise that players all agree it’s the finest IB emblem ever created. 

So, are you, mighty Guardians, fired up and ready to erupt?

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