Destiny 2 Lightfall: Upcoming Strand Updates

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The Destiny 2 Sandbox Team recently provided more clarity on the upcoming Strand Updates

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Upcoming Strand Updates

Bungie dropped some exciting news in their latest TWAB. It covers a range of topics that are sure to get Destiny 2 players fired up. Among the announcements was the highly anticipated arrival of Guardian Games on May 2, along with the chance to cast their votes for the next Trials map and the winner of the coveted Exotic ornament. But that’s not all. The studio also gave gamers a sneak peek at some upcoming Strand updates. So gear up, Guardians, and get ready for some epic new challenges on the horizon!

Ashes to Assets and Hands On Armor Mods Changes

The latest TWAB has announced some game-changing modifications to the Ashes to Assets and Hands On armor mods. Players can still rock both of them simultaneously. But there’s a new catch. You can no longer have your cake and eat it, too, when it comes to wiping out enemies with a grapple melee. Bungie has announced that this move will no longer count as both a grenade and melee takedown. This tweak brings the grapple melee in line with how other abilities interact with these mods in the game. Thus, creating a more consistent and balanced playing field.

Grapple Ability Changes

Prepare to swing into action with an improved Grapple. You’ll notice a significant reduction in its base cooldown time, going from a lengthy 105 seconds to a much more manageable 82 seconds. Another major reduction is dedicated to the minimum time between grapple activations. It’ll be brought down from a sluggish 2.5 seconds to a lightning-fast 0.2 seconds. These changes are designed to make the Grapple ability even more nimble and effective in combat situations. Thus, you’ll be able to move with greater speed and agility than ever before. 

Strand Hunter Changes

Strand Hunter’s Threaded Spike will definitely amp up your combat game with exciting improvements:

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Upcoming Strand Updates. Strand Hunter Threaded Spike Changes:
- Increased damage vs. PVE combatants by ~55%. 
- Increased projectile travel range before beginning to return to the player by 30%. 
- Slightly reduced speed of the dart as it returns to the player to make catching it easier. 
- Increased energy gain for catching the dart based on the number of enemies hit. 
- Now pierces Cabal Phalanx shields. 

The Sandbox Team is generally satisfied with Strand’s current performance in the game. The team remains diligent in collecting and reviewing data. They will also pay attention to players’ feedback to ensure the game stays balanced and enjoyable.

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