Destiny 2 Lead Developer of Non-Gaming Projects Left Bungie

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Destiny 2 Lead Developer of Non-Gaming Projects Left Bungie

Derick Tsai, the lead developer for non-gaming projects at Bungie, has reportedly left the company.

Destiny 2 is known not only for its immersive gameplay but also for its vast lore and world-building. After all, Bungie has poured countless hours into fleshing out the universe that the Guardians valiantly defend against the forces of darkness. They have built a captivating cast of characters many have come to love. They shaped up the locations and constructed a long tapestry of history to enrich said universe. Thus, it’s no wonder that fans have been longing for the day when the FPS title would grow out of the game itself and enter other mediums such as film, television, and more.

Despite expectations, it seems that Bungie’s launch of non-gaming projects might not be happening anytime soon. Derick Tsai, such projects’ lead developer, has reportedly left the company. He was tasked with attracting and retaining fans for the franchise by expanding the Destiny Universe into other forms of media. Be it books, comics, animation, movies, or TV series. However, it remains unclear if any of these projects were developed before Tsai ended his path with Bungie. And while Bungie’s plans for transmedia projects may not necessarily be canceled, Tsai’s exit suggests that a delay is on the horizon.

Apart from Tsai’s departure, other significant changes are happening at Bungie as well. The company has recently revealed its plans to end its partnership with Activision. Thus, assuming full right over the Destiny franchise. This move may bring the studio more room for creativity if successfully executed. As of now, fans can continue to enjoy their favorite title. Especially when an upcoming collaboration between Destiny and the Arknights franchises is about to commence.

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