Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep: Embrace the Difficulty

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Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep: Embrace the Difficulty

Bungie intentionally designed Destiny 2: Ghosts of the Deep to be extra challenging. The aim is to tackle fans’ concerns about the underwhelming Lightfall raid. 

As reported by GamesRadar+, Recently, Bungie’s Lead Designer for raids and dungeons, Brian Frank, took part in a roundtable interview. He shed light on the studio’s decision to push the boundaries of difficulty. Their main goal was to restore the much-needed thrill of endgame content. 

He emphasized Bungie’s deliberate effort to fine-tune the dungeon specifically for the fireteams. As a result, players who attempt to tackle the dungeon alone will undoubtedly face formidable obstacles.

“It was a conscious decision for us to prioritize the fireteam tuning. This release happened in the context of our game director saying publicly, ‘we’re gonna bring the challenge back to Destiny.’ We had a lot of conversations surrounding [the Lightfall raid] Root of Nightmares and its day-one experience not delivering on the aspiration of the event. Similarly with Spire of the Watcher, we track initial completion time and those sorts of analytics, and it maybe fell below our expectation. So we definitely pushed into testing the waters, no pun intended, of increasing challenge here.”

Brian Frank

This decision stemmed from Root of Nightmares’ lackluster performance. Facing criticism for being shorter and a lot easier than its predecessor, the raid saw more than 45,000 completions in the span of just two days. 

The development team recognized that said Lightfall raid fell short of expectations in many aspects. Namely, completion times and the overall challenge. Therefore, they took a leap of faith by creating Ghosts of the Deep with a significant step up in difficulty level. And so, Guardians are in for a true test of skill and perseverance. 

With that said, Ghosts of the Deep has exceeded expectations. Bungie has answered the community’s call for more challenging endgame content in Destiny 2. While some adjustments may be needed in the future, players can now embark on a truly fulfilling and unforgettable journey in Destiny 2.

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