Destiny 2: Bungie stands firm against cheating in PvP

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Destiny 2: Bungie Stands Firm against Cheating in PvP

Bungie has issued a new policy regarding the use of third-party peripherals that manipulate the game client. The company has taken a firm stand against those who use these tools to gain an unfair advantage in PvP.

In their latest TWAB, the studio has addressed the rising concern within the community. They intentionally didn’t mention the service or tool in question. As it may attract even more malicious users seeking to exploit the system.

Destiny 2: Bungie stands firm against cheating in PvP

Bungie has always been strict when it comes to battling with cheaters. Back in February, they filed a $6.7 million lawsuit against LaviCheats. Previously, they sued Elite Boss Tech and took down the cheat seller. The software creator ended up having to cough up a sum of $13.5 million for over 6,765 times their tech was used. The studio once also joined hands with Riot to end GatorCheats’ reign in 2020. In the end, the case was settled with an injunction.

It’s clear that the battle against cheaters still rages on. And it’ll be a long way to go until the developers are able to completely uproot the core problem. 

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