Destiny 2: Bungie Leaves a Bug Unfixed for Almost a Year

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A recent Reddit post has drawn attention to an unfixed bug in Destiny 2 that has remained unresolved for almost a year.

Destiny 2: Bungie Leaves a Bug Unfixed for Almost a Year

The Destiny 2 community is not at all pleased with how Bungie has recently handled game-breaking bugs. Guardians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the company’s prioritization of certain issues. For example, they addressed the bug related to Legendary Shards in a matter of hours. Yet, they leave other more pressing problems to persist, no matter how much havoc they wreak in the game. Thus, Redditor Singapore_DLC_Pack took to the Internet to voice their frustration about a year-long bug plaguing the Solar Warlock Class.

This issue is centered on the melee ability of Celestial Fire Warlock. Despite being brought to the attention of developers numerous times since the release of Solar 3.0 with Season of the Haunted, the bug remains unresolved. According to the detailed list of Singapore_DLC_Pack, Celestial Fire is incompatible with a comprehensive collection of weapon and exotic perks, as well as armor mods. You can check them all out, along with an in-detail issue explained and its trigger in their post below. 

Said problem is frustrating for those who yearn to explore the full capabilities of the Celestial Fire close-combat maneuver. It hinders players from taking full advantage of the Solar Warlock class. Thus, it has become a cause for concern for many. Fans hope that Bungie will soon release a fix for this issue rather than allowing it to languish like several other bugs. This is especially important. After all, the community is hoping that the company will use their recently earned $12 million legal victory against the cheat seller VeteranCheats to fix the in-game problems. 

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