Destiny 2: Bungie Final Post Regarding the Lightfall Leaker

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Destiny 2: Bungie Final Post Regarding the Lightfall Leaker

Shortly after Ekuegan, the supposed Destiny 2 Lightfall leaker, took to his Twitter account to declare his innocence, Bungie responded with an official statement. According to the company, this will be their final communication on the matter.

The drama surrounding Bungie and Ekuegan has been the talk of the town recently. On April 14, the studio finally addressed the numerous leaks that had been circulating online for the past few months. They then identified Ekuegan, a popular streamer, as the culprit for disclosing all the sensitive information that was not meant to be revealed prior to the release. The streamer, of course, didn’t take this so well. He has been protesting for days. Even creating the hashtag #FreeEK on Twitter to claim his innocence.

However, after a while, he closed the reply to the #FreeEK post for unannounced reasons. In addition, despite claiming that he’ll see the end to the situation and clear up his name, until now, there has yet to be any evidence to back up his words.

Then, today comes. Bungie appears to have no desire to prolong this issue any further than necessary. Thus, they have made it clear that their decision is final, and there is more evidence than just the identical icons on both the leaker and the streamer’s taskbars.

The community’s opinion on Bungie’s resolution is divided. The majority interprets Bungie’s decision not to pursue legal action against Ekuegan for breaching the NDA as an act of kindness on their part. Conversely, others suspect that the evidence the company possesses may not be as conclusive as they claim it to be. Regardless, they have more than once made it clear that their decision is definitive.

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