Destiny 2: Bungie Accused of Using Uncredited Artwork

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Destiny 2: Bungie Accused of Using Artwork Uncredited

In a recent social media uproar, Bungie is accused of using an uncredited artist’s work in a Destiny 2 cutscene. 

The artist, Julian Faylona, took to Twitter to express their surprise. They noticed striking similarities between their creation and a new artwork revealed in a Destiny 2 cutscene this week.

The resemblance between the two pieces of art is uncanny. It extends from the background and foreground compositions to the positions of the triangles. The only noticeable difference is a mar on the top of the leftish triangle in Bungie’s version. 

Despite creating their piece two years ago, Julian Faylona receives no credit for their work. And thus, the Destiny 2 community is furious at the situation, to say the least. Outraged by the studio’s alleged action, gamers have been urging Julian to reach out to @Destiny2Team. Some even directly tag the studio in the comment section.

As the controversy continues gaining traction, Bungie has yet to comment on the mounting accusations. 

This is not the first case that big studios have taken fans’ intellectual property. Back in April, Elder Scrolls Online also got tangled in a scandal of copying fans’ artwork. Cases like these underscore the significance of honoring artists’ rights, even if the artwork is fan-made.

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