Destiny 2 Community Upsets with Reduced Weapon Drop Rates

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Destiny 2 Community Upsets with Reduced Weapon Drop Rates

Frustration mounts in the Destiny 2 community as the drop rates of red border weapons on Neomuna are reduced.

This change has increased dissatisfaction among players. Even without the nerf, getting these highly desired items was arduous enough. After all, their chances of dropping were based on random luck, which is notoriously low. To understand the grueling process better, you can check out the post by Redditor PrettyFlyForAReply below.

Bungie’s decision to reduce players’ opportunities didn’t make the game more engaging. Instead, it may discourage Guardians from pursuing them altogether. Gamers might stop visiting Neomuna completely. And then, the situation will definitely affect fans’ engagement and gaming experience.

The community is waiting for an official response from Bungie. Said studio has demonstrated responsiveness to feedback in the past. But for now, it’s unclear how they will address this issue.

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