Destiny 2 Community Rallies to Support A 69-Year-Old Player

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The online gaming community can often be a harsh and unforgiving place. Yet, once in a while, there are heartwarming cases that will undoubtedly brighten up your day. Recently, something like that has happened in the subreddit of Destiny 2. A 69-year-old woman reached out to ask for help understanding the game and becoming a better player. In response, Guardians from around the world have rallied around her, offering encouragement and support.

Shrgae, the senior gamer in question, shared her story on Reddit. She used to play the FPS title back in 2019. But after her father passed away, she lost interest in the game. Until recently, her son convinced her to buy Shadowkeep and try playing again. Despite being initially hesitant, she found herself addicted to the game once more. However, as a 1751 Hunter, she quickly realized there was much she didn’t understand about the game. Particularly what gear to use and how enhancing works.
The Guardians wasted no time responding to Shrgae’s call for help. They offered helpful guides, advice, and even friend requests.

In a more recent post, she shared:

And the response from the Destiny 2 lovers has been more than positive. One user reminded Shrgae that the more she played, the better she would get. Another expressed their excitement at the thought of playing the game with their own mother, even if she wasn’t a skilled player. There were also more specific pieces of advice, such as checking out healing class builds and not focusing on the scoreboard.

The most surprising thing about the senior Guardians’ story is the number of older players who have revealed themselves to show their support. Scanning through the comments, it’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed by the community’s kindness and inclusivity.

In a world where online gaming can often be a toxic environment, the Destiny 2 fan base has shown that it’s possible to be supportive and encouraging. Shrgae’s story is a reminder that it’s never too late to try something new. And with a little help from others, we can always embark on ventures of happiness.

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