Destiny 2 Cabal Threshers Still Pack a Punch After Nerfed

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Destiny 2 players are still struggling to contend with Cabal Threshers. Despite a recent patch release aimed at nerfing their damage output, they remain the Guardians’ nightmare fuels.

(Source: Bungie)

These flying vehicles have long been a thorn in the side of Guardians. But a recent glitch made them even more deadly than usual, taking out players in a single shot at higher frame rates. The issue has been addressed. Yet, some are still experiencing problematic encounters with said type of enemy.

The problem became more apparent after the release of Lightfall. Apparently, they are one of the hostiles possessing damage output that scales with the game’s frame rate. As a result, gamers running at 60 fps or higher found themselves falling prey to the Thresher’s powerful attack. To make matters worse, the title’s latest expansion also hauled along an introduction of increased difficulty. Thus, escalating their combat capability and durability, further increasing players’ boiling frustration.

After weeks of community complaints, Bungie released a hotfix to address the issue. However, difficulties remain present with said enemies in unexpected ways. A Thresher was seen crashing into players right after they had just been launched out of a cannon in a clip shared by Redditor Fury_Void. Thus, the incident revealed that the vehicles pose a threat even when not intentionally targeting Guardians.

The developers of Destiny 2 are aware of the issues in the game and are diligently working to address them. Known problems with Quicksilver Storm and Touch of Malice have been dealt with. Thus, the community is hoping that other glitches will be removed soon. Despite the ongoing issues, the game remains enjoyable to many. And the community stays committed to helping Bungie make it as pleasant as possible.

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