Bungie's Layoffs Unnerve Destiny 2 Fans

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Bungie's Layoffs Unnerve Destiny 2 Fans

Bungie’s layoffs mark a grim turn of events for both the company and its dedicated fanbase. This latest round of layoffs adds to the woes of many employees who have already lost their jobs in recent weeks.

According to Jason Schreier, a reporter from Bloomberg, the full extent of these layoffs remains unclear. However, CEO Pete Parsons has sent an email to Bungie employees. He notified them of a forthcoming team meeting to address “some news.”


It appears that these layoffs are a direct result of a reduction in force at Bungie. Numerous employees have already been affected.


According to Paul Tassi, even the Art team and Player Support team are also facing layoffs.


And they are not the only ones.


The situation has undoubtedly left fans stunned and disheartened. Speculation is rife within the gaming community. Some fear for their favorite FPS title as Bungie might be considering a shift away from the Destiny genre. Thus, leaving many wondering what lies ahead for their beloved gaming universe.

At the moment, the gaming community is expressing their empathy and support for those who have lost their jobs. They are actively offering recommendations for alternative employment opportunities and conveying heartfelt messages of solidarity to those affected by the layoffs.


Staff cutting is not the only unfortunate turn of events at Bungie. Jason Schreier’s recent reports on The Final Shape and Marathon delays further underscore the challenges the studio faces. However, Bungie’s predicament is not unique. Many others in the industry also grapple with similar difficult decisions. In these trying times, our collective hope is that those affected by these setbacks will swiftly find new opportunities and continue their passionate journey in the world of gaming.

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