Bungie Responds to Concerns over Destiny 2 Exotic Drop Rates

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Destiny 2 players have been expressing frustration with the difficulty and rewards of Legend and Master Lost Sectors. And Bungie has heard their feedback. The studio’s recent blog post has discussed the community’s concerns over Exotic drop rates. They also hinted at the upcoming Vex Strike Force public event changes.


Bungie Responds to Concerns over Destiny 2 Exotic Drop Rates

Exotic gear has always been a hot topic among fans of the FPS title. Especially as of late, when disappointment is seeping into the community. Many feel their hard-earned victories in Legend and Master Lost Sectors are underwhelming and unrewarding. It’s impossible to get the items they need. And the situation has been exacerbated by the constant introduction of new Exotics into the game. Thus, earning what their heart desires has become a lot harder, almost to the point of impossibility.


Bungie Responds to Concerns over Destiny 2 Exotic Drop Rates

Bungie has recently implemented changes to Destiny 2. They lowered the level of difficulty and increased the chance of obtaining exotics. However, despite these efforts, there are still players who believe more can be done to balance out the game.

In response, Bungie has expressed confidence that Lost Sectors will provide players with more value in the upcoming season. They shared that the power cap will remain unchanged. As a result, more players will be able to interact with Lost Sectors earlier than usual.

Bungie is committed to monitoring completion time and rewards going forward.

In addition, Bungie teased a sneak peek of the forthcoming changes to the Vex Strike Force public event set to unfold on Neomuna. Once implemented, players can expect to receive a new Exotic armor piece upon completion. There won’t be any slot restrictions, making it an excellent opportunity for Guardians to collect more armor pieces. As for those who have already completed their “knockout list” of Exotics, the reward will be a random Exotic roll tailored to their character class.

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