Bungie Nearly Abandoned Destiny 2 PvP

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Bungie Nearly Abandoned Destiny 2 PvP

Bungie has recently revealed an unexpected truth about their previous plans. The studio openly admitted that they almost gave up on Destiny 2 PvP mode because it wasn’t making any significant impact on the community. 

The disclosure was made by Joe Blackburn during a conversation with PCGamer

 “I’m not so sure about this thing [PvP] in the long run. We haven’t seen it move the needle. Have we ever been able to satisfy the PvP audience? How do we deliver players what they want?”

Joe Blackburn

As stated by the Game Director, the team felt that no matter how much effort they put into PvP, they couldn’t make the community happy

“Throughout Destiny 2 – for maybe its first six years, including Destiny 1 – there was a sense of: ‘Hey, we’re putting a bunch of effort into [PvP], but it’s not what the community wants, or ‘we’re not making them happy’. Even when we put out maps, people would say: ‘I don’t like these maps, and I wish they were different.'”

Joe Blackburn

Meanwhile, PvE content garnered favorable responses. And so as a result, the developers decided to shift their focus and prioritize further developments in such kinds of content.

Yet, the decision was soon proved wrong. PvP enthusiasts’ demands grew with frustration. And the situation reached a boiling point after the State of the Game article’s contentious release.

In an effort to defuse the tension prior to the Destiny 2 Showcase, Blackburn opted for a video posted on his personal Twitter. He disclosed the introduction of a specialized PvP “Strike Team.” According to him, the team’s main goal is to revitalize the Crucible with substantial improvements.


Addressing the past, Bungie’s new strategy focuses on pinpointing distinct PvP player categories. They will try to tailor the content accordingly. This involves catering to passionate PvP fans while also providing a more optional experience for other players. 

A promising outlook awaits PvP enthusiasts. After all, the Game Director has expressed a strong commitment to a fresh approach in the PvP scene. Should the current approach not yield the desired results, Bungie remains dedicated to experimenting with alternatives until they craft an enjoyable experience for their players. Nonetheless, only time will tell if Blackburn’s words translate into reality.

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