Bungie Fixed Two Bugged Exotics in Destiny 2 Lightfall

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For quite some time, the Destiny 2 community has been yearning for a solution to the damage bugs plaguing the two Exotic Primary weapons — Quicksilver Storm and Touch of Malice. The issue has persisted since the release of Lightfall, leaving gamers frustrated and unable to utilize these weapons to their fullest potential. However, the annoying situation is coming to an end. Bungie has officially announced that the latest patch will come with a fix to said problem.

At the heart of Destiny 2’s identity as a looter-shooter lies its impressive array of Exotic weapons. These prized possessions boast distinct functionalities and unique perks that enable players to craft specialized builds in diverse and exciting ways. Unlike their Legendary counterparts, Exotic weapons interact with the game’s mechanics in different ways. Thus, they are particularly vulnerable to bugs and glitches that severely impact their performance. As a result, it is not uncommon for Exotic weapons to be temporarily disabled in-game until a fix can be implemented.

Shortly after the launch of Lightfall, reports came in about Quicksilver Storm and Touch of Malice Exotics. Players realized how underperforming they were in terms of damage output. Bungie was quick to confirm the problem to be a legitimate bug. But the community remained dissatisfied with the situation. Fortunately, Bungie announced on the Destiny 2 Team Twitter page that said issue will soon be addressed in the next weekly reset update. They explained that Quicksilver Storm’s bug was much more complicated than anticipated. Hence a month-long delay.

This news is a cause for celebration among Guardians. After all, they have been waiting to add these firearms to their arsenals in endgame encounters. While Touch of Malice has fallen out of favor in recent times, Quicksilver Storm has remained in the top picks. Even despite the bug limiting its usage. In fact, the latter has become a valuable item for players utilizing Strand builds. As its catalyst is able to convert its element to Strand. These builds have surged in popularity lately, thanks to their unique ability to hinder Champion mobs. At the same time, synergize with Strand weapons and various artifact mods to deliver devastating results.

As for the remaining bugs, the company has assured players that more patches are in development to straighten them all out. Guardians can finally rejoice as the bugs will soon be gone from their favorite game.

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