Bungie Addresses Destiny 2 Uncredited Artwork Controversy

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Bungie Addresses Destiny 2 Uncredited Artwork Controversy

Bungie recently faced accusations of using uncredited artwork. The studio behind Destiny 2 has taken responsibility and is working on compensation.

It all started with this week’s cutscene, considered one of the game’s most intriguing and significant moments thus far. It delved into the deep mysteries of the title’s nine-year-long history. Crucial details about the origin of the current arc’s main villain, the Witness, were uncovered. And it even provided more insights into The Veil, an enigmatic story element from the Lightfall campaign.

However, amid all the excitement, allegations of art plagiarism emerged. Julian Faylona, a digital artist, took to Twitter to highlight the uncanny resemblance between their two-year-old fan art and a scene in Destiny 2. This sparked outrage within the gaming community over artists’ rights. For more information on the topic, check out the article below.

Upon being made aware of the situation, Bungie promptly reached out to Faylona. In a statement given to PC Gamer, Bungie clarified that the artwork was there by mistake. An “external vendor” who thought it was official Destiny 2 art unknowingly used it. Bungie expressed regret for the confusion and is now taking steps to make things right. They are working on compensating and giving proper credit to Faylona for their contribution.

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