Destiny 2 Bug Causing Players to Lose Collected Emotes

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An in-game bug is robbing Destiny 2 players of the emotes they have amassed over the years.

The issue seems to be capping the emote inventory at 512. Thus, Guardians are forced to lose some of their animations to make room for rarer ones. The situation has brought about an uproar among players. Some have invested real money to acquire them from the game’s Eververse store. Others had to spend countless hours of time and effort.

While these items are no more than cosmetic, they serve as a way for gamers to communicate and bond with each other. A heartwarming example of this is when the community came together and used certain animations to honor Lance Reddick, who was the voice actor of Zavala, who passed away at the age of 60.

The problem has been acknowledged by Bungie. The company is investigating what caused it and has urged Guardians to monitor their inventory and report any issues to Bungie Help. However, they have yet to confirm when it will be resolved. Thus, gamers should stay vigilant in case they may encounter any undesired hiccups.

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