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Legends Meta Overview

Now almost a month past the new season Escape started, many players wondering how meta changes and is Ash so overpowered, as everyone used to say in the beginning?

Source: Alpha Intel (Dexerto)

Welcome: Ash

There were a lot of speculations that Ash will dominate in the Apex legends Meta Characters at Season 11, and that she is OP. True, at first, everyone picked Season 11 Legend Ash, and that’s understandable—brand new character straight from Titanfall 2, everybody eager to try out, but now the situation has changed drastically. Players getting used to Ash as a Legend they play or play against, missing their mains and wanting some changes and variety in their gameplay. There could be some flaws in measuring Legend popularity, though, as it’s formed on 7.2 M players in Apex Legends Status’s API database.

Source: Apex Legends Status

From the first place and over 18%, her pick rate dropped to near 11%, and it looks like it might decrease even more. But for now, Ash is settled as one of the most picked trio of characters: Octane, Wraith, and Ash. Nothing in her kit was changed, so this fall is not tied to a nerf, as it was with Seer, just a natural process—player base adapting to a new character.

Numerous streamers and pro players go back to their mains as well, so you can see other Legends more frequently, both in pubs and in Ranked games.

Source: Apex Legends Status

Wattson Buffed, Crypto Waits

As soon as the Season Escape dropped, we also got a long-awaited Wattson buff that claimed to make her more fun to play. It led to multiplying her pick rate almost 6 times, but as the initial delight faded, her pick rate reverted to almost pre-buff level. But we might see some tweaks for Wattson in the nearest future, as she, rumor has it, getting heirloom this season and maybe even her town takeover.

Source: Apex Legends Wiki

Right now, Wattson is at the end of the list again with less than a 2.5% pick rate squad. She got 2.3%, joining Seer 2.2%, and Revenant 2%, which was nerfed—his ultimate active time should be 25 seconds but feels much shorter compared to Season 9.

Another Legend that shared Wattson’s destiny is Rampart—her pick rate after the inevitable rise dropped down almost to the same values as before, leaving her at 1.7%, which made her and Crypto (1.3%) two the least played characters.

Source: Apex Legends Status

But we know for sure that Crypto will get a buff soon enough—it’s confirmed by devs on Reddit and then Respawn Producer Josh Medina added in Twitter that Crypto’s rework is in the same hands as Wattson was.

Storm Point Impact

Some changes in Legends’ meta bridged to us by the new map. Storm Point not only made Valkyrie’s ultimate even more beneficial, but it also created some space for Caustic and Wattson offensive plays. Beyond small bunkers or caves all over the map, Watton fences and Caustic’s traps work really well on Gravity Cannons, especially if they got chased by another squad outside the Ring. Or their traps could be placed inside Prowlers and Spiders Nests. Not only do your foes have to outrun the Ring or fight against the aggressive fauna of the island, but they should also avoid certain areas and keep that in mind, or they will unavoidably find themselves inside a dead-end with only one way—back to the lobby.

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