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				e.dateAndTime as datetime, as Region,
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					ON e.ID = eo.eventID
				INNER JOIN region r 
					ON e.regionID = r.ID
				INNER JOIN eventTypeOption eto 
					ON e.eventTypeID = eto.eventTypeID
			WHERE e.dateAndTime > NOW()
				AND LIKE "eu-id"
				AND eto.value LIKE "91180"
				AND LIKE "EU Alliance"
				AND e.stackLimit > 0
				AND e.isStackFull = 0
			GROUP BY eo.eventID
			ORDER BY e.dateAndTime ASC
			    LIMIT 1 OFFSET 0"

Battle of Dazar'Alor
Heroic lootrun
Standard personal loot

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guarantees here!

Alliance Raid

Starts in:


Horde Raid

Starts in:

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