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If you are looking for an Antorus, the Burning Throne carry, you have come to the right place. WoW Vendor provides extensive World of Warcraft boosting services for American realms (NA, Oceania, Latin America, Brazil servers). This is the place to get World of Warcraft Legion 8.0 raid boosts and carries. You will find complete raid options at variable prices. We are proud to serve thousands of happy customers all around the world, and we are ready to provide you with any version of an Antorus raid carry or an achievement run. Playing with us you won’t have to worry about faction! At Wowvendor we have dealings with both sides – Alliance and Horde.

If you are looking for an Antorus run to level up your character’s gear, we’ve got you covered. Each service we provide has a detailed description that includes gear, achievements, loot options, and the estimated time. If you are still unclear or need extra info, our online support staff is ready to answer your questions. We provide 24/7 support through Skype, Discord, and Facebook chat.

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Buy an Antorus full clear or just an Argus kill!

We pride ourselves on our experience to provide quick and effective solutions for WoW enthusiasts. We’ll certainly meet all your Antorus raiding expectations and help you to win the rewards.

Defeating raid bosses will earn players the best item level drops, BIS items (including warforged and titanforged trinkets and weapons), artifact power (AP), epic and legendary equipment upgrades, rare mounts, titles, relics, transmog gear, achievements, and FOS such as AOTC.

Whether you need a full mythic Antorus carry or a heroic Argus kill, we can help you. Our Antorus run service covers a wide range of options. If you need a certain piece of equipment, we will provide you with a fast Antorus loot run on any difficulty level: Normal, Heroic, or Mythic. All the loot drops in raids are RNG based, but you will get good upgrades with our teammates anyway. We provide services for the players on any realm. Our commercial runs are cross server so anyone can join.

Smooth Antorus runs organized by mythic players

The next WoW expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is fast approaching, so you have a little time to experience Antorus, the Burning Throne. With our Selfplayed boost type option, you will take part in the raid yourself. You don’t even need to know the tactics or have any experience. All raid runs that are available on our website are organized by members of top guilds with mythic progression. They have practiced boss mechanics to perfection. Outstanding dps / hps logs stand as a proof of our WoW raid groups performance. This is our guarantee for smooth runs at the end of which you will have the desired ilvl drops. You can rest assured that all Legion raid bosses will be killed in one quick run. We also offer account sharing for those who want to save time. The countdowns based on our website show the timer for most of the runs.

The cost of an Antorus run will vary depending on the selected option. For example, a loot run in the normal mode will have different prices depending on the selected loot system. Many of our raid services come with three types of loot system: Standard Personal loot (PL), Advanced Personal loot, and Premium Personal loot. So all that’s left to do is to choose a run, place an order, and replace that raid finder gear with normal, heroic, or even mythic upgrades.

Choose one of our Antorus run options:

  • Argus Heroic Kill
    By ordering Argus Heroic Kill, you’ll get Argus the Unmaker killed in just 30 minutes. Moreover, you will get blood of the unmaker and receive a magnificent Kirin Tor Summoning Crystal.
  • Argus the Unmaker Mythic Carry
    It’s available in normal and heroic mythic mode. Selecting this option, you will get Mythic in a case of Mythic mode kill as well as kill with Personal Loot.
  • Antorus normal loot run
    At the end of the run, you will have 210+ ilvl gear and four achievements.
  • Antorus heroic loot run
    Get a heroic Antorus carry that comes with 225+ ilvl gear, achievements, and the Violet Spellwing mount.
  • Antorus mythic loot run
    The best Legion gear, the acclaimed account-wide Titanslayer title, and 11 achievements are included in this service.
  • Glory of the Argus Raider
    Purchasing this option, you will get 12 achievements and the Antoran Gloomhound mount reward in three hours or less.
  • Violet Spellwing mount
    The Violet Spellwing mount includes a heroic Argus the Unmaker kill. This mount is account bound, so you can use it for all of your characters.
  • Antoran Gloomhound mount
    WIth the help of Antoran Gloomhound mount, you will get the glory of the Argus Raider achievement. The mount is a reward for completing Glory of the Argus Raider achievement.
  • Shackled Ur’zul
    What can be more terrifying than the bodies of fallen heroes held together by fel magic to form this gruesome mount? The drop rate (100% chance till BFA)! Leave the farming to us and enjoy the envious, and possibly sickened, glances of your fellow Azerothians as you block the mailbox.

We offer raid runs for any WoW Legion raid, not just for Antorus the Burning Throne (AtBT). If you have missed something from Emerald Nightmare (EN), Trial of Valor (ToV), Nighthold (NH) or Tomb of Sargeras (ToS), we can provide you a run to get that pet, mount, achievement or anything else that you need.

So if you are an achievement hunter, a mount collector or just want to become a decent raider – WowVendor will provide the right service. Browse our Antorus the Burning Throne category and get your legendary loot today so you can focus on the next challenge ahead, Battle for Azeroth!

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