Fans Share Their Most Favorite WoW Mounts and Zones

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Recently, we invited WoW enthusiasts to participate in WowVendor’s “Favorite WoW Mounts and Zones Challenge.” The response was nothing short of extraordinary.

Many WoW players have shared captivating images of their cherished mounts set against the backdrop of their favorite in-game locations. And so, we have decided to compile all submissions into a gallery below to share with you all. You’ll definitely want to take a moment to browse through these visually stunning entries. We have also included the links to their Instagram profile so you can pay them a visit if you like. Now, with that out of the way, it’s time to give your eyes a treat!

Aurora — auroraoceanseas

Fans Share Their Most Favorite WoW Mounts and Zones

Mount: Ashes of Al’ar

Location: Suramar City

Instagram: auroraoceanseas

Aurora has gracefully encapsulated the Ashes of Al’ar’s radiant flames as it serenely nestles its head in the palms of its owner, cascading glow upon the enchanting expanse of Suramar City.

“My favorite mount is Ashes of Al’ar. We took a ride to Suramar City together. Even though the place has bunch of mobs roaming around in the city, it is still a mesmerizing city.

For Ashes… man when it dropped long time ago, probably 5 years ago, oh my god I was ******* screaming and immediately loved it. Literally looks like ribbons following it.

Go join wowvendor challenge now if you haven’t already! Favorite mount in your favorite zone!”

— Aurora

Elden —

Mount: Lucid Nightmare

Location: Tirisfal Glades, Undercity


Make sure to explore all the pictures as Elden and their trusted steed, the Lucid Nightmare, take you on a tour through their favorite spots in Tirisfal Glades, from The Lake of Sorrows to the Elevator to Hell and more! And, of course, meet up with their friend, Gordo!

Mortis — mortis_undead

Fans Share Their Most Favorite WoW Mounts and Zones

Mount: Swift Spectral Tiger

Location: Suramar City

Instagram: mortis_undead

Mounted atop the ethereal Spectral Tiger, Mortis gorgeously captures every gaze amid the mesmerizing surroundings of Suramar City.

Pandorea — Pandoreaaaa

Fans Share Their Most Favorite WoW Mounts and Zones

Mount: Lucid Nightmare

Location: Bastion

Instagram: pandoreaaaa

Pandorea melds nightmares with celestial beauty. Steering a mighty steed as black as the night, the formidable Dark Iron Dwarf asserts dominance over the ethereal expanses of Bastion.

Valtaiya — valtaiya

Mount: Court Sinrunner

Location: Korthia, The Maw, Shadowlands

Instagram: Valtaiya

Fiercely beautiful with a touch of calmness and melancholy, Valtaiya reveals the might of the Court Sinrunner and offers a glimpse into Korthia, her source of endless coziness and serenity amid the epic adventures in the World of Warcraft.

“Although I already haven’t my favorite and most desired mount in the game yet, which is the Shackled Ur’zul from mythic Antorus, I have a few favorite mounts that I’m very happy to play on my characters.

One of these is a black horse — Court Sinrunner, for “exalted” with the faction “Court of Harvesters” Revendreth, Shadowlands). The most favorite location for me — is Kortia. (Korthia. The Maw. Shadowlands). Such a small location, but for some reason, I fell in love with it from the minute I got there first time. It’s so calm there, it’s somehow cozy, despite the bunch of rares and enemies.
I don’t know how to describe my feelings there, but I always wanted to be there, I could spend hours, farming rares, doing some activities, just running, looking at the sky, trees, everything around. Very interesting history of residents, lore of location.

I still run there almost every day. Farming rares, collect mounts and complete quests. For me, more interested there, than in current content now. There is no time or desire for some furious progress, in raids or keys, so I get high in various old locations of past additions.

Thank you @wowvendor 🥰 for such a cool, interesting challenge. Join, dear friends. It will be interesting to see your favorite mounts and locations.”

Zeeca — zeecawow

Fans Share Their Most Favorite WoW Mounts and Zones

Mount: Fallen Charger

Location: Bastion

Instagram: zeecawow

Adorned in resplendent golden armor, Zeeca’s Fallen Charger emerges as a nightmarishly alluring Mawhorse. Paired with the otherworldly landscapes of Bastion, it’s a captivating sight to behold.

To share your favorite WoW mounts and zones, follow the instructions in our Instagram post here:

Get Featured in WowVendor's Favorite WoW Mounts and Locations Challenge

We will feature your submission in this article with proper credits that go right to you!

Thank you for sharing your incredible choices of mounts and locations with us. We can’t wait to see more of your adventures in World of Warcraft!

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