Final Fantasy XVI Coming to PC with Two DLCs

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Square Enix has officially announced that Final Fantasy XVI will soon make its way to PC. Adding to the excitement, two DLCs will be accompanying it.

This exciting revelation was shared by none other than Naoki Yoshida in a video posted on the official Final Fantasy account. The game’s producer confirmed they have begun bringing fans’ beloved title to a new platform. 

FF XVI was originally a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, the passions of the gaming community have successfully influenced the developers. It inspired them to make the decision to broaden the game’s accessibility by bringing it to another platform. With the game coming to PC, a wider audience is in to experience the world they have come to love. 

There has yet to be any information about FF XVI’s PC release date. Yoshida did emphasize the need for time and resources to optimize the game for said platform. He also mentioned:

“I hope to be able to give you more information on both the upcoming DLC and the PC version before the end of the year, so please stay tuned.”

Naoki Yoshida

So, fans can rest assured that the PC version will arrive before the new year

Notably, this announcement coincided with news about the game’s upcoming DLC. There wasn’t any plan for the DLC at first. However, Square Enix decided to revisit this stance because of fans’ enthusiastic feedback. And, of course, enormous sales figures. Details about the DLC content remain shrouded in mystery at the moment of writing. But, according to PCGamer, there will be two of them. 

Stay tuned for further updates, and get ready to embark on the epic RPG adventure on your PC in the near future.

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